Kick Related Quotes

“There are two fronts moving in that could kick up the winds. We're due to get more refined weather data that will go 36 hours out.”

Dave Liniger

“I can't always rely on my kick. Chris Muniz from Suffern was next to me the whole way and he's only going to get better. ... I just have to go out harder. I have to trust myself.”

Nick Estis

“That was a big kick for me.”

Patrick Wright

“I'd have rather had them go out and kick our butts with honest hits. It is a bitter pill to go out and play badly and run the bases badly. The base-running blunders just killed us and we never came back from that because that was a great chance for us to go ahead.”

Marty Miller

“This is my homeland no one can kick me out.”

Yasser Arafat

“We tried to penetrate and then we'd kick it back out, fight through their screens and try to let their zone collapse but they played well on defense.”

Greg Paulus

“The most amazing thing to me in that game was the onside kick. That Soldier Field turf is soft. He bounced it to the moon. There's no way that should have happened but it did.”

Phil Dawson

“Next week we really kick that (warnings) season off. There's going to be more Gateways out there, and that's not going to help. People will make the argument that a lot of that bad news has been priced into the market already, but it certainly wasn't yesterday.”

Art Hogan

“I always joke with (father) Les and his wife, asking them if they can kick out a couple more sons for us.”

Chris West

“Now, get out there and kick ass!”

Stella Mccartney