Kicking Related Quotes

“For video gamers, this year is going to be the most thrilling year ever, and kicking off 2006 with two great games is just the start. Around the world, Koei's development teams are preparing bold new concepts and ideas that will captivate gamers. Today's announcement is just a small, yet exciting sample of what we have in store for this year.”

Amos Ip

“The kicking game is going to be very important. We're not going to be afraid of (Gordon), but we're going to be careful. He's a very talented player who made some big plays for them last year, and I'm sure he's looking to do that again this year. It's our job not to let him do that.”

James Webster

“We just needed to get our kicking issue solved for the long term.”

Chris Petersen

“was alive and kicking up until August 2004.”

James Comey

“The detainees received injuries described as bruises and contusions caused by striking with a closed and open hand, kicking, and hitting with an object described as a broomstick.”

Paul Boyce

“They're a good football team. They're very solid on both sides of the ball. Their kicking game has been great, too.”

Chris Hill

“We all started kicking her. She was crying and screaming.”

Dorothy Hallas

“She's been kicking for our JV team, doing a real good job and our kicking game's been struggling, so we gave her the nod,”

Steve Schultz

“In the second half his shot selection was better. Mustafa (Shakur) did a better job at kicking back the ball to Chris to give him a better shot. In the first half, he was too quick to pull the trigger.”

Lute Olson

“The understanding's there and my job is to get my good kicking game in and whenever there's go-forward give the ball to him in space as much as possible because he's a special player.”

Andrew Johns