Kicking Related Quotes

“Remember that nobody will ever get ahead of you as long as he is kicking you in the seat of the pants”

Walter Winchell

“We all started kicking her. She was crying and screaming.”

Dorothy Hallas

“We're having a pretty good time economically, and what that's saying is the consumer is alive and kicking. Retail is a huge factor in our economy.”

Cummins Catherwood

“It's his heart and soul, it's kicking ass all over the world and becoming a huge brand. He would be really reluctant to leave it now.”

Charles Wolf

“We are just now kicking back into gear with all the volunteers starting to come back. It's been a little slow over the summer. It's still moving and it should really kick into gear in the next month. We have $1.3 million raised in pledges at this point. We're hoping to close the campaign by about April of next year.”

Cindy Love

“Some of the guys we kept is a direct reflection of what they do for me in the kicking game, as it pretty well should be.”

Darrin Simmons

“Now I feel 100 percent. I'm alive and kicking and concentrating on buying my fall wardrobe!”

Steven Cojocaru

“They're like taking turns kicking.”

Alan Etter

“We just kind of started kicking the ball instead of passing it. I think once we came back in the second half we started playing as a team and we improved a lot.”

Shelby Collins

“What it means is you have to cover a bit more ground with your kicking and the ones that make a mistake coming to the (small) SCG try to change their game plan. It is very hard to change your game plan in a week. We think we've got a game plan that stands up on all grounds.”

Paul Roos