Kids Related Quotes

“There are a lot of cool kids out there and I'd like to help them. That's what I'd like to do with my life.”

Steven Whitney

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“I have no regrets on the kids' performance this year. As a team (Tuesday), we didn't play anywhere near what these kids are capable of. It was a tough course. It was really, really windy this morning. The kids who ended up teeing off in the morning were lucky”

Don Crawford

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“Thirty years ago when I started, I was teaching kids how to work a cassette player. This is the future, this is the 21st century.”

Carol Griffin

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“Let's say the kids are studying black holes. Through videoconferencing, the teacher could hook up the kids with NASA scientists. They can ask them questions.”

Luke Driver

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“We the amount of kids we have, we can't have any injuries, ... If we have an injury, we just can't plug in someone else. We have to shift players around to new positions.”

Robert Toombs


“If all the kids who made noises about killing their parents were laid end to end, you'd have an enormous sub-sample of the juvenile population, but usually it's all talk. Given the enormous amount of familial conflict, the rarity of kids killing parents is remarkable.”

Franklin Zimring

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“The kids, including adults, just feel helpless about what to do. This is a positive way they can help support students in another district and feel like they are doing something.”

Andrew Brooks

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“A lot of these young kids go in to show their pride, but I don't think they realize the full extent of what it means. Whenever I talk to my son, I know he's trying to be so brave, but I hear it in his voice. He's scared.”

Ed Roehl

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“You know, we're taking steps. We were hoping to get some of those new kids to win at least a match. But most of the kids who weren't here before had a little bit of awe.”

Charlie Clay

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“Our kids are young and competitive and they're running against some really talented kids, but anything can happen on any given day. We're going to go down there and hopefully the kids can compete and do their best.”

Carl Chancellor

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