Knee Related Quotes

“It's been practically a year now that I've been playing and the knee has not given me problems. The injury doesn't really concern me. What concerns me is trying to win a starting spot. There are very good and experienced players in the back so I have to show the coach every day that I can and want to be a starter.”

Carlos Llamosa

“My knee has been good. I'm doing well and I feel like I can be effective on the court. I think I'll be fine. I'm very excited, I'm anxious to get out there and play.”

Darryl Hill

“I want to prove to them and prove to myself, gain that confidence back that's it's a good knee, that I can cut, ... because if you're a corner and you can't cut in the NFL, you're pretty much toast. None of us want that.”

Will Peterson

“For him to suffer his third serious knee injury on the eve of the finals after all he's been through, and all he's done to get back playing this year is cruel.”

Peter Rohde

“My knee feels probably better than last year. Having said that, the knee really wasn't an issue (last year). My issue was rust.”

Aaron Boone

“Let's not blindly presume in a knee-jerk reaction that small is always better and that designer boutique is better. In a rush to appear that the mayor is pushing ahead with reform, the kids are being left in the dust, and we're not sure if any of these experiments are working.”

Jackie Leavy

“There's a big difference in recovery. I have much higher mobility with the partial knee. It's almost like my real knee.”

Cathy Anderson

“I didn't think I would be able to catch again after I had knee surgery. But I had to take one for the team. I hated to give up first base.”

Matthew Hall

“That was the best I've ever wrestled, this year at least. I'm coming off a knee injury. I need to have surgery. For me to win all my matches here and at districts means a lot to me.”

Owen Thulin

“She has a deep knee bruise and we'll see how she is (Monday).”

Manson Hill