Knock Related Quotes

“Go to your bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know”

William Shakespeare

“That's when he (Boreham) looked at me and said, 'Look, coach, I'll knock it through,' ... So I said, 'OK, then go for it,' because we were thinking whether we should punt of go for it.”

Greg Marshall

“I'm not the kind of guy to knock at a door and then when the door is opened not go in.”

William Saroyan

“Most people need an animate or inanimate third party to knock them out of that rut. Most people usually can't see things as clearly as an outsider can see them.”

Cliff Hakim

“We didn't want to lose. I just knew if Marcus (Williams) got me the ball, I was going to knock it down, no matter what. We weren't going to lose this game.”

Rashad Anderson

“(Minnesota) took Cyndi totally out of the game. Nikki (Smith) stepped in and was able to knock some shots down.”

Sharon Versyp

“We don't have any knock-you-over-the-head messages because the show is for children. There is however an intellectual curiosity as the children, while listening to the voices, try to figure out and understand all of the hand signals.”

William Morgan

“I do not want to lead another strike. I do not want to have a knock-down, drag-out fight with you every time we come to the bargaining table.”

Nancy Elliott

“We got some good looks from some good inside-out kicks, and hopefully when you get good looks you'll knock them down.”

Dan Lunt

“Unless you are prepared to use our planes to knock out Cuban planes, then you shouldn't have started the thing in the first place.”

Gen Maxwell D. Taylor