Knock Related Quotes

“If you want to consider yourself one of the best teams, you've got to knock off the best team - and, right now, they have that title.”

Chris Hope

“We took ourselves out of the game more than they did. We were getting good shots, we just couldn't knock them down.”

Alyssa Nelson

“I've never understood how two-thirds of the thing can vote for you one way and one third can knock you into fourth place. It looks like it should be third, third, third, but that's my simple math.”

Pete Carroll

“They were just like any other free throws, really. You've just got to step up to the line and knock them in.”

Marcus Ginyard

“I'm not the kind of guy to knock at a door and then when the door is opened not go in.”

William Saroyan

“We've got some quarterbacks coming back, so I'm not ready to knock anybody out of the box. You never know for sure. But Jimmy is a vital part of our plans.”

Rick Comegy

“When you go to the line with a sense of urgency, there's more of an expectation to knock those free throws down.”

Cameron Bennerman

“I don't want to call that a myth, but I think we are starting to knock down some of those barriers that students used to say, 'Knoxville is not a friendly place to be,'”

Richard Bayer

“Sam is a very powerful, strong man, ... If he hits you, he hurts you. He can knock out any man on Earth. I can't see any man taking one of those big shots and standing up.”

Calvin Brock

“We've got a lot of guys who can knock down shots. It felt like we were right at home.”

Craig Haase