Knowing Related Quotes

“I don't think guys know what the records are because all we know is [Stanley] Cups here. But knowing Brian and being someone who loves to pass the puck, that's always my goal, to see one of my wingers get 50 goals. That would be an awesome achievement.”

Scott Gomez

“We have no way of knowing whether this is true so how is the client going to know?”

David Baker

You need not wonder at my knowing all human languages; for, to tell you the truth, I also understand all the secrets of human silence.

Apollonius Of Tyana

“I knew my ankle felt good and I'm pleased with the way I performed. But knowing my body felt good I was expecting to play well.”

Curtis Joseph

Basically as a working class boy I understand when there's not enough money to put food on the table and not knowing where the next dollar comes in from. When you've been in that environment as a child, you never lose it.

Lindsay Fox

The public, hearing pop music, is, without knowing it, also soaking up jazz.

Norman Granz

“It's like having astronomy without knowing where the stars are.”

Edward O. Wilson

“when obliterated regiment in the crystal spoon dropping on the floor wiped by the tyranny of soulless, ricochets back in the glass eye of justice ...your perception will soar”

Lana Radovic

“It is not by knowing it, but by doing it that you learn.”

Carl A. Hammerschlag

“You are going to have candidates going into their hotel suites to watch the returns, knowing that anything could happen.”

Elliott Stonecipher