Known Related Quotes

“I was blown away by the Big B and I want to be known as Big W.”

Will Smith

“All clubs and fans have known competition points are in jeopardy when breaches strike at the heart of the competition's fairness.”

David Gallop

“Had we known ... then what we know now, we wouldn't have approved the license -- no question.”

William Reinsch

“They're known for their propensity to bite unprovoked. There's no way of knowing before they attack.”

Eddie Wright

“Think of the unknown, be the known.”


“He's the most animated and passionate person I've ever known. It was unusual to see a Japanese manager display that kind of emotion.”

Kelly Flock

“For the One Platinum, we wanted to find a way to add more distance to a ball known for spin control and feel around the greens. With the One Black, we wanted to take a ball already known for distance and add more spin control and feel.”

Rock Ishii

“Hospitals in the South are helping where they can. It's about patients first. Our community is known as one of passion and compassion and that's what this is about.”

Daniel J. Wolterman

?Do not do that which you would not have known.?

Benjamin Franklin

“This [peer advisor] program has been nationally known for its excellence.”

Carol Wood