Known Related Quotes

“I've known we could do it all along. We've just finally done it this season.”

Karson Klass

“Ironically, even though it was a well-known architect who came out on the short end of this, I think it's a victory for architects and the profession of architecture. The court recognized that architectural works are entitled to copyright protection just like any other type of creative work.”

Andrew Baum

“I've suffered from all of the hang-ups known, and none is as bad as the telephone.”

Richard Armour

“I've known Tony eight years. I feel lucky. Twenty minutes ago, I was eating lunch with everyone. I'm just sitting there with Tony, and he's just one of the guys, laughing and joking. Even though I'm 27, it's still like a dream come true.”

Anthony Furlong

“Had we known ... then what we know now, we wouldn't have approved the license -- no question.”

William Reinsch

“I absolutely agree that it is horrendously wrong and she should have known better.”

David Novak

“It was just kind of an omen I ended up with him. Had I not known the mare, I would have never claimed him.”

Dick Bright

“There are many details about this person and how she died that may be known only to her killer and little by little by us.”

David Procopio

“I think the lesson learned for the adults was to be better at communicating. Make sure your intentions are known.”

James Morse

“Amazon had to build its name up from scratch, ... Barnes and Noble, on the other hand, is very well known. It's obviously much bigger and has greater financial resources.”

William Armstrong