Knows Related Quotes

“I'm a firm believer that everything in life works out the way it's supposed to. And who knows? I figure I've got a few years left (in the NHL) and maybe I can come back in the end.”

Darren Mccarty

“We have four lines that can score, ... Everyone knows their role. It just so happens we had the hot hand.”

Steve Mcleod

?Practices have been good; they've been real high-tempo. Everybody seems to be serious. Everybody knows what's at stake.?

Ben Bishop

“I think everyone knows we can't play like we did against Detroit and beat Denver. There's no way. It's got to be corrected this week.”

Dan Campbell

“[Lhuillier] knows how to make a dress, ... She's not inventing anything, she's reinterpreting.”

Phillip Bloch

“He's a really knowledgeable guy and he knows the game very well. We've got to know what everybody else is doing in order to be effective and the fact that he does is good. He can help us understand that.”

Dorien Bryant

“Everyone here knows of her, and that's what made it real scary, ... A lot of these girls and employees live in this neighborhood too.”

Dave Peterson

“Of course, he knows me 20 years, probably.”

Robert Vincent

“The biggest thing, ... is Kevin always knows what he wants to do. Sometimes pitchers will get in those situations and feel that they got into trouble because what they were doing wasn't working, so they try something else. Kevin is really good at staying with his plan and just turning it up a notch.”

Carl Willis

“Christian is incredible up on top. He has incredible speed and knows where he is on the field. He can take shots going point blank or far away without looking or without aiming. He just has a good touch on the ball.”

Rene Mirandilla