Labels Related Quotes

“When Universal walked into the room, they brought literally like 120 people with them. All of the other labels might walk in with nine, eight people, 12 people. And we were like wow, this is really cool.”

Cb Hudson

“I am ashamed to think how easily we capitulate to badges and names, to large societies and dead institutions”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What I've tried to do . . . is create a whole model that got away from test scores and avoided labels like LD (learning disabled) or ADD (attention-deficit disorder), and use a profile of strengths and weaknesses.”

Mel Levine

“Details are often the parts that people relate to. At the same time, they are also the things that limit and label us, too.”

Elizabeth Alraune

“They're making consumers apprehensive. They're concerned that they're buying something that makes their computer crash. This affects all the labels. The average consumer doesn't know it's just Sony, so they become reluctant to buy CDs.”

Phil Leigh

“It was like pulling teeth to get signed. Everybody [at record labels] was hesitant. None of the bands were easy to see business-wise.”

Richard Lloyd

“We had a lot of screaming in the old albums. Major labels don't want that because it doesn't play on the radio.”

Dave Keller

“We are delighted to have signed a contract with INO. The Christian labels have been highly responsive to this new technology and quick to embrace the Promo Only MPE(TM) System. We have forged a great relationship with INO since we started the summer of 2005 and this contract is testimony to that.”

Dean Ernst

“I think in some ways the major labels have given up. They now cater to the lowest common denominator in response to what gets played. If I were a young musician, I wouldn't know where to turn.”

Richard Neer

“We're delighted to bring videos from EMI Music UK's labels to 3. 3 is a leading network in bringing mobile music to its customers and we're really excited about working with them to allow fans to catch up with their favourite artists anywhere and at anytime.”

Dave Gould