Labels Related Quotes

I've done well, I've been disappointed, and I think it all goes back to you. Of course the labels are going to be the labels. It's the music business. You are a business. That's what they do. So you've got to protect yourself.

Mary J. Blige

“Producers of antimicrobial products must ensure that their products kill all the microorganisms claimed on their product labels. The false claim by a registered pesticide product of its effectiveness against bacteria may result in an increased risk to human health and the environment.”

Enrique Manzanilla

“We talked with other labels, but Universal Motown was really interested in my growth as an artist. This single is a great way to launch my recording career.”

Camile Velasco

“We are drawn to easy labels. ... It's a human characteristic to dichotomize things into black and white because it makes things seem so clear. But if you did the real story about a triangle like this, it wouldn't be as interesting.”

Elayne Rapping

“They're all from major labels. We're not used to being on that roll call.”

Martin Hall

“It?s ideal for movie studios and record labels to distribute their high-definition assets in a way that?s secure, cannot be copied, cannot be shared but can be viewed. It definitely is a factor in allowing us to get the rights.”

Aaron Greenberg

“It doesn't make a lot of sense to have different labels on different products going to different states. If the science is there to merit a warning then it ought to be done [nationally].”

Susan Stout

“They're making consumers apprehensive. They're concerned that they're buying something that makes their computer crash. This affects all the labels. The average consumer doesn't know it's just Sony, so they become reluctant to buy CDs.”

Phil Leigh

“I try not to name too many labels - not because it's not cool, but because it starts getting political.”