Lag Related Quotes

“Ratings don't tell the whole story. Sometimes the agencies lag the market.”

Kevin Cronk

“To the extent that hiring in high-wage, developed economies continues to lag, the sustainability of any impetus to private consumption can be drawn into serious question.”

Stephen Roach

“The jet lag is kicking in now and I'm very tired. I just left [Scotland] too late, unfortunately. My first win in 19 months needed celebration. I need to see my children on Monday night, so I flew here Tuesday.”

Colin Montgomerie

“How embarrassing to lag from six feet.”

Mark Calcavecchia

“Wage inflation works with a lag and is going to stay high. It's hard to get too bearish about the outlook for spending growth.”

Craig Ebert

“We still lag behind foreign rivals in terms of per-share earnings, and we would like to expand our earnings to join the global top five.”

Nobuo Kuroyanagi

“Housing may get another mini boost from the recent drop in rates. These data do lag a bit. Still, it is clear that, low rates or not, housing is not on fire the way it once was. The level of activity remains quite high for housing. But the prospects for further growth do not look that strong based on momentum.”

Robert Brusca

“If environmental protection efforts continue to lag behind economic growth, pollution will become even more rampant.”

Zhou Shengxian

“He's travelled a long way and took a few days to get over the jet lag but he seems ready to unleash himself on someone! He's very quiet, very serious about his rugby. No-one here wants to oppose him in contact drills!”

Richard Hill

“Commercial development tends to lag residential.”

Jag Grewal