Large Related Quotes

“Overall, the situation is going nuts. We are getting a very large number of inquiries.”

Danny Shader

“We see domestic inventories being reduced as customers are buying. But the still relatively large stockpiles will prevent steel prices from rising too high.”

Wang Zhixiang

By and large my relations with the US were good.

Hans Blix

“In the merger process that produces these galaxies, a lot of the stars get flung out to fairly large distances, and they end up in highly elongated orbits that take them far away and then back in close to the center.”

Avishai Dekel

“If the [large clouds] have some initial turbulent motions, then as they collapse, they will tend to split up.”

Charles Lada

“It would be fair to say we were off the pace, but a large amount of credit deserves to go to the Force for that.”

Robbie Deans

“It wasn't very good at storing data because of the large page size. With the Platinum products, they had an array of different page sizes.”

Stephen Johnston

“Her large colon got wrapped around a stomach muscle near her spleen. She couldn't eat or go to the bathroom, she kept throwing herself against the wall or rolling on the ground, she was in so much pain.”

Jamie Woodruff

How much smaller the large places are once we're grown up, when we have car keys and credit cards.

Mary Karr

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity.

Marshall Mcluhan