Large Related Quotes

“We saw some short-covering but also saw some large institutional buying. We saw a little retail buying but still not a rush of retail buying. We need to see more conviction before that happens.”

Patrick Murphy

I think there is a sense of being forced at this time to look at America's really large shadow and that's not all that bad.

Alice Walker

The essence of effective portfolio construction is the use of a large number of poorly correlated assets.

William J. Bernstein

It is easy at any moment to surrender a large fortune; to build one up is a difficult and an arduous task.


“If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank.”

Woody Allen

“Now, the Gore campaign is calling for yet another recount in selected, predominantly Democratic counties where there were large, unexplained swings in their favor in the recount,”

James Baker

“a joke in China because by and large they just ignore it.”

Liu Kang

Thou large-brain'd woman and large-hearted man.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“If you can just imagine me with a large question mark over my head -- that's really my impression.”

Louise Young

“Small pictures since the Renaissance are like novels; large pictures are like dramas in which one participates in a direct way.”

Mark Rothko