Larger Related Quotes

“Truth, like the juice of the poppy, in small quantities, calms men; in larger, heats and irritates them, and is attended by fatal consequences in excess”

Walter Savage Landor

“When we have an opportunity to play the larger schools, they see the difference is just not there. Basketball is a home-and-road sport and, traditionally, the big schools have always played at home. Now when the smaller schools get them on a neutral court, the gap is not what the public perceives it to be.”

Dana Altman

“It is one of the larger capital investments ever in this state, but you don't report that.”

David Satz

“We would not be surprised to see investors take a more cautious approach by gravitating toward larger companies with high S&P; earnings and dividend quality ranks.”

Sam Stovall

“See I'm not interested in appealing to the larger masses of people, because what the White man shows us is that he will do anything to make money.”

Cecil Taylor

“I really have no ulterior motive in taking on certain roles. I have no larger issue that I really want to show people. I'm an actor, that's all. I just do what I do . . .”

Sally Field

“Fish passage conditions are not bad. The water's not too turbid or too cold. The run doesn't look larger than the forecast and there's a good chance it will be smaller.”

Curt Melcher

“The state of the world today demands that women become less modest and dream/plan/act/risk on a larger scale.”

Charlotte Bunch

“We would prefer to wait until the 30-year becomes a more liquid and larger market and establishes itself better.”

Chikahisa Sumi

“A stable democratic government in Afghanistan is the larger strategic objective. The intention is to ensure that Afghanistan does not become in any way a haven supporting radicalism and terrorism, as it had in the Taliban time. Helping Afghanistan to consolidate would be in India's interest.”

C. Uday Bhaskar