Late Related Quotes

It's just a matter of time before we're late.

Michael A. Walsh

I don't want to say my mom is late on trends, but this morning she said, Have a shagadelic day, sweetheart.

Dana Gould

It is never too late to do anything in life.

Momofuku Ando

“We haven't been shooting the ball well lately. But we got some defensive stops late in the game and I really think that was a big part of it.”

Steve Hawkins

“The idea is to die young as late as possible.”

Ashley Montagu

“It was assumed that, after the Late Heavy Bombardment let up, comet impacts ? which were then 1,000 times more numerous than today ? delivered Earth's water.”

Donald Yeomans

“He wasn't overpowering but he changed speeds. We didn't do a good job of adjusting to him. We did late in the game, but we hit into three double plays, which really kept us from getting any momentum.”

Chris Pedretti

A late game is only late until it ships. A bad game is bad until the end of time

Shigeru Miyamoto

“Some leaves hang late, some fallbefore the first frost--so goesthe tale of winter branches and old bones.”

William Carlos Williams

“In the late 1980's, there were many cases of speculation that the Japanese would withdraw from the bond market as well. It never happened, and we don't think it'll happen this time.”

Andrew Shipley