Later Related Quotes

“It's a two-way street. Later in the year if there's another situation like that, hopefully he'll have that same kind of approach. We're getting to know each other here.”

Nate Robertson

“We've received some now, and we'll receive another shipment later on.”

Pat Schloeder

“Best now, better later.”

L. M. Heroux

“There is a predisposition to sell first and ask questions later.”

Christine Callies

“Just to make it clear, I only spoke once and then I spoke again three months later.”

Alex Rodriguez

“The economic data points to the Fed stopping (rate hikes) sooner rather than later, and that's encouraging.”

Jack Caffrey

“I was told later that he was a tabloid newspaper editor.”

Kate Mosse

“About 81 percent say they plan to save later.”

Lori Lucas

“About an hour later, he suddenly remembered the youngest child was out in the car.”

Paul Miller

“I think there's some older players are starting to put their hands up, locks tend to mature a bit later than loose forwards, so there's those guys and some more young guys putting their hand up as well.”

Steve Hansen