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A stunning survey of the latest evidence for intelligent life on Mars. Mac Tonnies brings a thoughtful, balanced and highly accessible approach to one of the most fascinating enigmas of our time.

Herbie Brennan

“The current EU statement is the latest in a very long list of warnings sent to the Government and Minister Dempsey. The frequency of these warnings is increasing to such an extent that they seem to be a weekly occurrence. It is time to stop ignoring these warnings and to actively and directly address them.”

Damien Mulley

I am a sleeper. When you wake up at 4:30 in the morning to do a workout, you're sleepy at 8 in the evening. By 10 o'clock at the latest, I'm in bed.

Michelle Obama

“Based on the latest pre-announcements from Gateway and Hewlett-Packard, the depth of the downturn in December 2000 was deeper than we would have thought, even after a downbeat field trip to Taiwan,”

David Wu

As a country in the path of typhoons and in the Pacific Rim of Fire, we must be prepared as the latest technology permits to anticipate natural calamities when that is possible, to extend immediate and effective relief when it is not.

Gloria Macapagal-arroyo

I had friends. The idea of being forever separated from them and from all their troubles is one of the greatest sorrows that I suffer in dying. Let them at least know that to my latest moment I thought of them.

Marie Antoinette

“As always, the British especially shudder at the latest American vulgarity, and then they embrace it with enthusiasm two years later.”

Alistair Cooke

Iran is the latest expression of a deep, ancient, powerful culture that's different than ours. And we don't know how it's going to play itself out.

Barack Obama

He who fails to please in his salutation and address is at once rejected, and never obtains an opportunity of showing his latest excellences or essential qualities.

Samuel Johnson

“According to the latest numbers we're putting together now in Pittsburgh, that area has the highest percentage of structurally deficient bridges. About 32 percent of the bridges are structurally deficient.”

Carolyn Bonifas