Laundry Related Quotes

“You are asked to do laundry, cook meals and charge the electric car.”

Dave Riley

“Without intending to ... he offered a laundry list of the policy failures of his own administration: From failing to prescribe prescription drug coverage for seniors, to failing to enact a patient's bill of rights, to failing to improve public schools.”

Karen Hughes

“Take in laundry before you take in partners”


“Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women's issues”

Charlotte Bunch

“Why are you standing over there alone? You look like a turd in a laundry basket.”

Curt Bladt

“There's a lot of churches that hide their dirty laundry under the rug, and I know about that from being in the church 27 years. Oh, yeah.”

Al Green

“I'm collecting this for my house to hang my laundry.”

Rosario Dahua

“There's a long laundry list of reasons why someone would be denied entry. We don't want people assaulting police officers or the flight crew. That doesn't mean that would prevent her or anyone else from coming in.”

Zachary Mann

“Don't be walking around the house doing laundry or mopping the floors.”

Richard Stark

“She gathers the laundry with her mouth and drags her dog blankets off the carpet so I can vacuum.”

Ginny Degroff