Lead Related Quotes

“Certain amounts of lead are certainly emitted, but there are safe levels of that and there are un-safe levels. Around the plant is safe with a significant margin of safety. It's not even close.”

Drew Goddard

“You can't blame Burnsie for sitting on a lead,”

Mike Ramsey

“We knew they weren't going to quit, and they didn't quit. We knew we had to get a lead and keep building on it.”

Kyle Loomis

“We got too comfortable with our lead. We didn't match their intensity at the end of the game.”

Jamelle Mcmillan

“We wrestled well, came from behind in some cases to take the lead and then pin them. We felt real good about the way we wrestled and some of these guys that were struggling at the beginning of the year are picking up some wins here towards the end of the season and that helps.”

Coach Tom Smalley

“We needed to jump on them early and get that lead because we knew they were going to try and slow it down.”

Ed Black

“What I'm most proud of is, late-third and mid-fourth, when [the lead] got down to 5 or 6, we fought them and never let them get closer. As soon as they cut it to 4, we scored a basket on the other end.”

David Ferrell

“You're looking at February, and you've got almost summertime load factors. I think that's going to lead to some price increases.”

Ray Neidl

“It is quite feasible that H5N1 could mutate. The fact that it has taken some years should not lead you to believe that we are through the worst.”

David Nabarro

“I don't want to say I don't care about the points lead because I do. I feel bad. I feel like I keep letting my guys down. They keep getting me the lead at the end and I lose it like I did in (Las) Vegas.”

Matt Kenseth