Leadership Related Quotes

“[In 1963, the US believed that China might have] expansionist designs, ... the United States knows the Chinese leadership is consciously pragmatic and is eager to avoid the perception of being expansionist.”

Sugata Bose

“It may be a winding path; it may be longer, though its mysteries make it much more interesting.”


“We need to have central leadership that is interested in kids succeeding at the top and the middle and the bottom at their maximum potential.”

David Kern

“Representative Capito, I believe, seems to be making great gains in the House Republican leadership, ... That's an opportunity that we haven't had in West Virginia.”

Robert C. Byrd

“Either you let the world sink you, or you rise like a Phoenix.”

Dr Nirvadha Singh

“The only real training for leadership is leadership.”

Anthony Jay

“The best investment anyone can ever make is an investment in oneself!”

Patrick Driessen

“What you cannot enforce, do not command.”


“A president can discover the secrets of leadership (through presidential biographies),”

Susan Dunn

“This award demonstrates MCI's continued leadership and commitment in delivering innovative services. Our focus is to ensure that we meet all our customers' requirements, from conferencing solutions to end-to-end connectivity to total management of their network. MCI's portfolio of services enables enterprise customers to conduct business more effectively and efficiently.”

Mark Russell