League Related Quotes

“We' think we've had a good season and when you add the best player in our league at the deadline for free, it's a good thing. He's familiar with our team, with the coaches and surroundings. We really see no downside to it.”

Scott Bonner

“Earl is one of the up-and-coming guards in this league and we're excited to have him. His addition gives us great depth in our backcourt.”

Kiki Vandeweghe

“Geoff has played in the Premier League - and proved himself. He was one of West Brom's key players at the tail-end of last season. They were in really dire straits with just a few months to go and it was Geoff and the other experienced players at the club that pulled them through that situation and kept them alive.”

Kenny Cunningham

“Everybody must get behind Alex so we can finish second in the League. And the players must also demonstrate they want to play for our club in the future under the new manager.”

David Murray

“It's really tough, no matter who you are. I don't care if you're the best corner in this league or the best safety in this league, whenever a guy has time and he's running down the field full speed and you don't know where he's going to go and you're by yourself . . . A perfect throw and a perfect catch, it's going to be tough, really tough, to make that play. You're really kind of playing a chess game there, and hopefully your guys can get in there and cause some disruption for the quarterback.”

Walt Harris

“I believe Major League Baseball is the best league in the world. I would like to try what I can do in this league in the future.”

Daisuke Matsuzaka

“He's certainly a rising star in this league.”

Ken Macha

“I think they're tremendously talented. They're the one team on paper in our league that is a legitimate team. They have two of everything at every position. They're good, they're definitely the No. 1 seed and they definitely deserved it.”

Mike Lonergan

“I've always been this way. When I was in Little League, my coach named me captain to keep the other children in line. I never liked to be a burden, but I always liked to help. I want to be there for my teammates. Because of my experience and faith, I feel I have a lot to offer.”

Salomon Torres

“We've got the seniors that have all gone through this league. We're no different than Oklahoma State was last year. We're older and we're wiser and we don't get rattled.”

Ricardo Patton