Leagues Related Quotes

“I don't know if anybody would be willing to go out on a limb and say other Negro leagues guys are going to be considered.”

Fay Vincent

“It was an important game for me. I think it proved I could be starter in the big leagues and it proved that I could compete at the big-league level on a consistent basis.”

Scott Downs

“He's one of the best catching prospects in the minor leagues. A good receiver, with an above-average arm, he's a leader and he hits with power. He'll come in and compete (with light-hitting Einar Diaz) for the backup catcher's role, but he's definitely major-league ready right now.”

Mark Shapiro

“Hopefully we'll get a guy that we feel is going to be able to play in the major leagues. He'll most likely be a ways away.”

Chris Antonetti

“More than 1,200 (nearly 50 percent) players have made it to the Major Leagues. I don't think there is another league that can make that claim. In one average game, there are 30-plus Major League prospects.”

Steve Cobb

“Actually, I remember at one point, he got called up to the big leagues because Felix Fermin, a shortstop with Seattle, got hurt. Alex went up there. When Felix Fermin got better, they wanted to send Alex back down. That was the first time ever I saw Alex say he was going to quit. He wasn't going to play baseball anymore. The whole organization was going crazy. They didn't want a guy like that having that kind of feelings. What they did, they kept the guy up there. He's one of the best players to ever play the game.”

David Ortiz

“It's a steady downward trend. And it's something the big leagues are well aware of.”

Mike May

“I started the season at [Class A] Myrtle Beach, so I definitely wasn't thinking about the big leagues.”

Chuck James

“It's great. Seven starters is awesome. We got a lot of Venezuelan players in the big leagues. I'm going to watch the highlights.”

Gustavo Chacin

“The minor leagues were constructed for the major leagues. That's why they're here. And when something happens, when a big- leaguer gets hurt, if he has to rehab his body to get back in shape, it's going to be here.”

Chip Hale