Led Related Quotes

I had no intention of entering politics, but then the force of events led me to become involved in politics.

Sergio Mattarella

They can certainly expect to be very impressed with the technical aspects of the show, fooled and led up the garden path by the story and ultimately have a jolly good laugh!

Louise Jameson

Our Western science, ever since the 17th century, has been obsessed with the notion of control, of man dominating nature. This obsession has led to disaster.

Fritjof Capra

I think we'll be in pretty good shape. We've got the same car we ran in all the speedway races since 2001, and it's been a real good car for us. It's led every race we've been in.

Sterling Marlin

If the people be led by laws, and uniformity sought to be given them by punishments, they will try to avoid the punishment, but have no sense of shame.


“I think the intriguing thing in the afternoon was the chief judge led the charge [against the government's case] on some of these issues.”

William Kovacic

You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be led.

Stan Laurel

People need to understand that the technology is for them. It's not to them. It's not over them. People still sometimes want to be led a little too much.

Esther Dyson

Pop science goes flying off in all kinds of fashionable directions, and it often drags a lot of SF writers with it. I've been led astray like that myself at times.

Greg Egan

“So there were just numerous things that kind of piled up and led to a bad year. I'm glad all that's behind me and I can look toward the future.”

Larry Bigbie