Left Related Quotes

“Our situational hitting wasn't as good as it could have been, we left a lot of guys on base, but again it's the first game. These guys are pretty good tournament player guys. They seem like they can turn it on and do a pretty good job for us.”

Ernie Whitt

“It was left to Nicole to raise her sister and her niece, and she didn't know how to do all of those things.”

Gary W. Adair

“I was even left in charge of the center for eight months until they brought Susan on board. I'd say that was a matter of trust for them to allow me to be in that position. I just don't understand this.”

Carla Kelly

“I have been in there with all of them and there is nothing left for me to prove.”

Lennox Lewis

“Twenty-five candidates already considered and rejected doesn't suggest that there are many names left to consider.”

Fred Eckhard

“We're still paying 2003 we have about $4 million left to pay...until we get that bond that's going to be there forever, and it's growing.”

Art Ilagan

“We discussed the strategy for the upcoming assembly polls and we decided to strengthen the Left Democratic Front (LDF). We have decided that we will have no electoral understanding or alliance with any other parties.”

Prakash Karat

“A lot of these people left home and they had to leave their animals behind and they have no idea what happened to them. Maybe we can reunite some families.”

Candy Clark

“Last week when I left I felt totally incapable of doing this.”

Scott Masingill

“a courageous fighter for working families; a voice for the elderly; a champion of all who have been left out, or locked out, of America's promise.”

Caroline Kennedy