Legs Related Quotes

“(The teams) washed cars, bared their legs, sold garage sale junk, offered luminaries, sold suns and moons, baked foods and more to raise money.”

Sheila Blankenship

“Add legs to the snake after you have finished drawing it”

Chinese Proverbs

“The first trial was successful. It was good to get out there, get my legs under me a little bit. I didn't get as fatigued as I thought I would. That explosion to the basket – I've got to get that.”

Devin Harris

“I don't believe that anybody quit, I really don't; it was just that we had tired legs and maybe couldn't do some of the things that we wanted to. We've been going at it pretty hard with no let-up. ... At some point, that's going to take its toll.”

Rashard Lewis

“The guy, not on purpose, took out my legs.”

Dan Boyle

“We created the program so that they can develop more training in their legs. Unfortunately, not every player (participates).”

Dave Kruszewski

“Market conditions have changed. And we believe this product has some legs to it, ... We're going to put some extra money into the facility to make a little better product.”

Ray Adams

“In the third quarter they still had their legs. By the fourth quarter, our substitute pattern wore them out. The bench was huge.”

Chase Cofer

“I have always remembered that he could run like a deer. With those long legs, he can sprint and run the floor. Over the year, he has gotten more physical and he has let his presence be felt.”

Glen Davis

“Coaches call that fresh legs. You've got a guy who's anxious, when he hears his number called, he'll be ready to go. He hasn't gotten much of a chance this year, so you know he's hungry. When you've got one guy who's been carrying the load, then you spread it around, guys will be happy around here. It's going to be a great thing.”

Zack Crockett