Let Related Quotes

“Look at me, with my pretty bracelet and tiara... I'm a f****n' princess!”

Gerard Way

“We had to talk really, really nice to George Lucas to let us have it. It's set in southern California in 1962. It's not right on Route 66, but it captures a period of time that many people associate with Route 66. It's the music, the cars, the fashion that make it great. Some people consider it the greatest car movie ever made. I call it the greatest music movie every made.”

Cathy Dame

“They're all winners, because they learn public speaking skills. This makes you outgoing. We don't let them draw in. We pull them out.”

Susan Johnson

Pray, and let God worry.

Martin Luther

“Let me put it this way: There was definitely more than one meeting on the issues of looking at Indian Springs.”

Scott Halty

“[Fraley wasn't about to let it happen, so he saved a program with a proud history and the athletic dreams of what will be hundreds of college kids.] We're just ecstatic that he would do this, ... but we're just a little concerned for the welfare of him and his wife.”

Chris Campbell

“I didn't want to let him get going. That's what he did against Illinois. The team helped me out with him.”

Jamar Butler

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I just wanted to thank this person and to let them know that I really did appreciate this, ... I don't know if I ever crossed paths with them or not. I just wanted the chance to tell them that we appreciated it so much and it really did help us out. ... You hear so many bad things in the news and this is something really good.”

Mary Cole

“We've become accustomed to let officials handle everything.”

Al Rogers