Let Related Quotes

“I try to do as many stunts as they'll let me do. I think it's important for an audience to feel that the actor's really doing it.”

Nicolas Cage

“We've exhausted everything else. We felt now the only recourse is to let the court decide who the true board is.”

Michele Diehl

“The reason I played so well was I didn't want to let the kid down, ... It probably helped my game, because I really didn't pay attention to what I was doing.”

Craig Stadler

“That?s the game sometimes. You?re aggressive and let the pitch go and attack them. The guy took advantage of it. He tried to get a fastball in on him and left the pitch over the plate.”

Dave Jorn

“It is the president's decision to make and he will decide when it is appropriate to let the American people know he has made it.”

Dan Bartlett

Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy.

Lady Gaga

Let us think less of men and more of God.

Philip James Bailey

“That's a good question. Let me try to evade you.”

Paul Tsongas

“Let us not speak of them; but look, and pass on.”

Dante Alighieri

“But he's on a pitch count, and I let him build from his previous game. I actually probably shouldn't have let him start the seventh, but he talked me into it.”

Kevin Edwards