Letting Related Quotes

“Ironically people will thank a deity for 'letting' them win a race, but blame a 'witch' if they stumble, look for the nearest suspect, and kill them. Why not blame the deity? Why not accept the setback as easily as they accept the victory? Time people grew up some, I think - and stopped looking for theoretical 'somebodies' to blame for their own misfortunes.”

Christina Engela

“We're getting some conservatives letting off steam at the moment,”

Stephen Hess

“It just seems like we couldn't close it. We were up by 15, 17, 18 and we just kept letting them back in it. It's kind of disappointing, but we got the win.”

Chris Kaman

“We look forward to it. We hope they keep letting us come back.”

Craig Reavis

“We felt it was important to get back to grass-roots communication, really letting them know about the things we want to get across this year.”

Colleen Vellturo

“For the first time in a while, it seems to be letting up, so we're digging out, and there's a lot of digging to do.”

Chuck Shepard

“That might be one of the only times I've seen Carly cry. Letting down the team and making them run really burned her.”

Donna Moir

?And she has no qualms about letting someone know if they are not maintaining their property to the standards of the neighborhood covenants. Greta is fair but firm, and she stands up for her convictions.?

Barbara Perry

“You just want to give your team a chance by not letting in the third one. But I think the whole game, we were very ready mentally and physically to compete against them.”

Cristobal Huet

“We go in 13-6 at halftime and it might be a different mentality. Letting them score in the last two minutes in the first half, it gave them some momentum.”

Andy Thomas