Level Related Quotes

“She is a very dynamic player in the sense that she is able to perform at a high level at all those positions. Nicole is physically gifted. She is about six feet tall, left-handed -- which makes it more difficult to read her hit -- and she has a good vertical. She is the complete package, from ball control to power.”

Corey Romanak

“The Premier League was disappointing and below the level we demand.”

Freddy Shepherd

“It's a bit more dangerous. Low-level pilots have the ability to descend before they get into trouble. But we have a great deal of confidence in our crew and our craft.”

Dave Liniger

“He certainly is aware of who we hired. But decisions are made more at the staff level.”

Kathy Walt

I consider myself a persuasive person. With the ability to persuade comes a certain level of power.

Ertharin Cousin

“If a guy goes down at this level, it's like you lose five guys because you lose a guy on offense, defense, on both your special teams and on the bench. One injury will devastate you, and two will end it for you.”

Pat Monroe

I've never treated anyone in my band like they're not on the same level as me. I'm not that kind of person.

Marilyn Manson

“That was something to behold -- it was another level. At halftime we were disturbed about the way we were playing. We came out, and Kobe just found a way to do everything.”

Phil Jackson

“The level of engagement wouldn't have gone away. If he was going to be an activist, he would have been all the way an activist. If he was going to be a father, he would have been all the way a father.”

Alan Light

“This is what we're all working to achieve. To get to the level they're at.”

Sandy Botham