Life Balance Related Quotes

When women are economically empowered, the power balance changes in all areas of life.

Gloria Feldt

So there's no such thing as work-life balance. There's work, and there's life, and there's no balance.

Sheryl Sandberg

You have to find a balance with food in your life - you can't take out food. It can be absolutely terrifying.

Carre Otis

Both music and acting are huge parts of my life - it's all about balance.

Victoria Justice

When you're gone would you rather have your gravestone say, 'He never missed a meeting.' Or one that said, 'He was a great father.'

Steve Blank

Whole life have balance. Everything be better. Understand?

Pat Morita

You have to have a balance between your normal life and movies.

Elle Fanning

If I don't write, I hate myself. Simple as that. My life is out of balance.

Harlan Coben

Life balance is a myth. It's an illusion and the very pursuit of it is driving us crazy. For me it's about proportion - it's really a work hard/play hard equation.

Danielle Laporte

Wrestling with work-life balance is a luxury when working to support a family is a necessity rather than a choice. I think that focus is only partially a result of these tough economic times. I think it also reflects a bit of "having it all fatigue": women are worn out from feeling the pressure to excel at work, and be the perfect mom at home.

Willow Bay