Life Experiences Related Quotes

I prefer Princess. I would love to be known as a diva later on in life when I've had far more experiences.

Deborah Cox

Oh yeah, 'Starship Troopers' was one of the best experiences of my life, and I made some lifelong friends.

Jake Busey

You grow up and share life experiences. That's one of the best parts of this business. You share how you're mellowing out and your new sense of self.

Sandra Bullock

Since learning Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi in December 1967, it has been a valuable practice which has enabled me to go through some very stressful life experiences while remaining centered.

Mike Love

Nobody who loved life and new experiences that much was ever going to get old, not really. Wiser and eventually dead, maybe, but not old.

C.e. Murphy

Of course, no matter how hard we try to be objective as reporters, our life experiences and personal circumstances influence our journalism, including the choice of topics we pursue.

Sheri Fink

Mothering is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Patricia Arquette

Life experiences can, at times, be quite humbling, but you learn from them. But I like the changes in my life and what kind of person they've made me into. I'm very open, not as judgmental as I was in my twenties, and a lot more compassionate.

Donna Air

Analyze thy life's experiences, see thy shortcomings, see thy virtues. Minimize those faults, magnify and glorify thy virtues.

Edgar Cayce

I don't personally look to my own life experiences for answers about how to play a scene.

Christian Bale