Life Experiences Related Quotes

Our thoughts, words and actions produce feelings; and these feelings become the currency with which we produce our life experiences.

Cheryl Richardson

“For me, the backdrop of half the experiences of life includes music.”

Amy Grant

“The sense of your own experience will grow along with your confidence.”


I'm grateful for the experiences I've accumulated. Of course, there are certain things you wish were not on anyone's list of life experiences, but it's a life. It's a good life. And I like what's there.

Renee Zellweger

The entire repertoire of our life experiences can be accessed and activated from the body in movement â?¦every part and function of the body can also be understood as metaphors for the expression of our being

Daria Halprin

The sensual experiences in life are not to be avoided. This is the philosophy of Tantric Buddhism - nor are they particularly to be sought after.

Frederick Lenz

News channels have always had interview shows, but we need different kinds of interviews with different kinds of interviewers - interviewers who bring different life experiences to the table.

George Stroumboulopoulos

The body isnâ??t the foundation of your health. The body is the physical manifestation of the sum of your life experiences.

Lissa Rankin

Different presidents have different strengths, they bring different life experiences.

Hillary Clinton

Although wisdom is built on life experiences, the mere accumulation of years guarantees nothing.

Sonia Sotomayor