Life Is A Journey Related Quotes

If there is one thing I have learned on this incredible journey we call life, it is this: the sign of a truly successful individual is humility.

Naveen Jain

We all want to inspire! As we go on our life's journey, some people inspire us and in turn, we would like to do something to inspire other people.

Barbara Padilla

Fitness is a journey, not a destination; you must continue for the rest of your life.

Kenneth H. Cooper

My life choices are not supposed to be the gateway to somebody else's. That's my journey.

Drew Barrymore

Thinking: this journey will be the axle of my life.

Charles Frazier

You don't want to get to the end of life's journey and discover you never left the interstate.

Robert Breault

Relax, you're on a journey of discovery. Let life reveal itself to you.

Melody Beattie

Education is not a destination, but it is a curious journey to enjoy the beauty of life.

Debasish Mridha M.d.

Have a life that matters. A life with purpose. Find your own way but don't lose sight of the journey.

A. Meredith Walters

The more we make an effort to keep our thoughts positive, the more pleasurable our journey in life will be.

James Van Praagh