Lingering Related Quotes

Parting is a training streamer,Lingering like leaves in autumn...

Philip Larkin

Fairest of all that earth beholds, the hues That live among the clouds, and flush the air, Lingering, and deepening at the hour of dews.

William C. Bryant

I have no intention of lingering through a season, just to have a chance to be an alternate on a relay. I don't want that.

Carl Lewis

But winter lingering chills the lap of May.

Oliver Goldsmith

“With lingering concerns over Iran, Nigeria ... the market is correcting upwards because it is focusing on fears in the geo- political realm.”

Victor Shum

More people seem to know the Van der Graaf Generator material than my solo work - thanks, I suppose, to their parents' lingering vinyl collections.

Peter Hammill

“The bias will be for a stronger euro. The European economy is looking good and there's lingering concern about inflation.”

Yasuhiro Miyata

We are born with a lingering hunger We are born to be unsatisfied We are strangers who can't help but wander And dream about the other side....

Nichole Nordeman

“Lingering concerns about an inventory correction simply have not been borne out.”

Daniel Heyler

The American spring is by no means so agreeable as the American autumn; both move with faltering step, and slow; but this lingering pace, which is delicious in autumn, is most tormenting in the spring.

Frances Trollope