Lining Related Quotes

I discovered that the most interesting music of all was made by simply lining the loops in unison, and letting them slowly shift out of phase with other.

Steve Reich

“There's a silver lining to this. Once the consultation happens, it could bring resources to the region to deal with water quality issues ... to clean up Puget Sound, for instance.”

James Schroeder

“Countries should be lining up to take Taylor, not backing away.”

Richard Dicker

They say life is all about connecting, like that's a good thing. But when brain and eyes are lining up you know different.

Peter Abrahams

The American people have a right to know that, when Donald Trump's making decisions, they are being made in their best interests without him lining his pockets.

Elijah Cummings

“All the cards seemed to be lining up in our favor. I guess the Lord forgot about the field goal.”

Mike Vanderjagt

“There's a lot of karma going on right now with things all lining up, so I'm hoping it's all going to work out.”

Cathy King

I don't want an angry song with no silver lining ending up on my album. Then I'd have to play, or feel obliged to play, that song every night in repetition as a mantra of anger.

Alex Ebert

“As they marched, the crowds lining the route broke into applause, a sweet and deeply felt spontaneous pattering that was a sort of communal embrace. Welcome home.”

Lance Morrow

“There was a silver lining. We became more public.”

Aref Assaf