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Art is a form of intelligence, it can be developed, it's linked to intuition and it's something that all humans have

Alonzo King

In many parts of the world-including Polynesia, north Africa & the Middle East-public dancing that focused on a physically linked couple would have been unthinkable, a violation of communal propriety.

Gerald Jonas

No matter how much time has passed, these things still affect us and the world we live in. If you don't pay attention to the past, you'll never understand the future. It's all linked together.

Sarah Dessen

For new media reactionaries...the problem is technology, the endless distractions of the Internet, the breakdown of authority in an age of blogs and Twitter, the collapse of narrative in a hyper-linked, multi-networked world.

David L. Ulin

Men may be linked in friendship. Nations are linked only by interests.

Rolf Hochhuth

I think that the American diet is a very large part of the reason we're spending 2.3 trillion dollar per year on health care in this country. 75% of that money goes to treat chronic diseases, preventable chronic diseases, most of those are linked to diet.

Michael Pollan

As a matter of fact, most cases of food poisoning are never linked back to their source.

Eric Schlosser

“No one is going to go short on gold in times like this. As gold is not linked to a government or a geopolitical body, it becomes a natural investment in times of tension.”

David Gornall

Knowing where and who are intimately linked.

Gary Snyder

Reality itself is [made up of] chance processes linked to sets of rules - this is what drives the world, the universe, and just about anything a human being can imagine.

Dj Spooky