Liver Related Quotes

If someone's liver doesn't work, we blame it on the genes; if someone's brain doesn't work properly, we blame the school. It's actually more humane to think of the condition as genetic. For instance, you don't want to say that someone is born unpleasant, but sometimes that might be true.

James D. Watson

In the cold, all the blood rushes to your core to protect your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and brain. When you leave the water, the blood rushes back to your arms and legs, absorbs that freezing cold, and brings it back to the heart.

Lewis Gordon Pugh

When the liver is diseased, the eyesight fails; when the kidneys are diseased, the hearing is adversely affected. The disease is not visible, but its effects are. Therefore, enlightened people, wishing to be free from obvious faults, first get rid of hidden faults.

Zicheng Hong

If the devil were to offer me a resurgence of what is commonly called virility, I'd decline. ''Just keep my liver and lungs in good working order,'' I'd reply, ''so I can go on drinking and smoking!''

Luis Buñuel

That's a tumor. It goes across my liver, up through my lungs, all the way around my heart. And when they were done trying to cut it out, nuke it out with radiation and chemotherapy it out, it left so much scar tissue that when I walk outside now in cold weather and take a deep breath, it feels like someone is stabbing me.

Eric Massa

I want a new liver to replace my heart.Um, why?Because then I could drink more and care less.

L.a. Casey

“You want to hear about insanity? I was found running naked through the jungles in Mexico. At the Mexico City airport, I decided I was in the middle of a movie and walked out on the wing on takeoff. My body . . . my liver . . . okay, my brain . . . went.”

Dennis Hopper

Every chemical that makes it into your bloodstream - be it through your lungs, stomach, or skin - meets up with your liver at some point. Since your liver is your body's best defense when it comes to filtering out all those toxins, you need to treat it well.

Suzanne Somers

I have expanded my mind and destroyed my liver but I didn't give up.

Charlie Day

“In March 2003, my daughter got really sick and went into the hospital, and they discovered she had advanced liver disease at that point, although she had no symptoms prior to that. I've learned a lot about liver disease since then.”

Lorraine Richardson