Local Related Quotes

“If we can teach people how to get out of debt and be generous and help local ministries we'll help build the kingdom.”

Dave Anthony

“Tourism is a $6.35 billion industry and a huge part of the local economy along this coast. Katrina not only washed away the culturally historic communities here, it also washed away a big part of our livelihood, but it could not take away our spirit. I cannot believe the substantial progress Tourism - Caring for America volunteers made. With 20 percent of our economy laid off due to Katrina-related issues, we have been working day in and day out over the past six months to get our communities back on track. This kind of concentrated effort makes us feel like we moved mountains in just a few days.”

Craig Ray

“[At one stage, when they stop to ask directions, they pick up a local on a bike who, in true Moroccan style, turns out to be a fake guide.] He just took us to where he wanted to go and got out, ... We got back at 2.15am, not a single drink was found or taken. Hey ho.”

William Dalrymple

“He is a good kid and strong as a bull. He was somebody local to go with. He showed a lot of potential. I try to make southeast circuit finals every year, and he is a good one to help me. I try to help him the best I can since I've been around forever.”

Clay Perry

“We came to the (same) conclusion that was made by the local team ... We are satisfied with what we saw.”

Leo Bokeria

“JSU helps fuel the local economy by supplying an outstanding concentration of brainpower and experience in its faculty and staff, a significant payroll, and a strong base of student customers whose spending and labor ripple positively through our communities.”

William Meehan

“Only a small number of sound local and foreign financial institutions are being invited to participate in this sale process.”

Ellis Short

“When you talk to customers, you can tell that a lot of them are a lot more local.”

Alex Jones

“Though some local governments have published their own regional administrative maps before, quite a number of regional borderlines are vague and the place names are not in compliance with government standards.”

Dai Junliang

“[The local event starts at the Beach Strip pumphouse (located between Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital and the canal lift bridge.] It's a beautiful location, ... We have pictures showing the route to people whose events are away from the lake and they are very envious.”

Michael Westcott