Lonely Related Quotes

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”

Hafiz Of Persia

“Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets.”

Dr. Paul Tournier

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.”

Wayne Dyer

Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight.

Roy Orbison

“There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters . . . I could be their leader.”

Charlie Brown

“And, as crews fly together and overnight together in far-flung lonely hotels, harassment from co-workers is again more likely to happen. Jobs that require endless travel and time away from home and family are a painful challenge.”

Russ Ricci

“I love the sound of breaking glass Especially when I'm lonely I need the noises of destruction When there's nothing new”

Nick Lowe

“Friends will keep you sane, Love could fill your heart, A lover can warm your bed, But lonely is the soul without a mate.”

David Pratt

“I had grown tired of standing in the lean and lonely front line facing the greatest enemy that ever confronted man-public opinion”

Clarence Darrow

“As far as I knew white women were never lonely, except in books. White men adored them, Black men desired them and Black women worked for them.”

Maya Angelou