Looking Related Quotes

“They did at the time say that funding would be short term and that they would be looking to refinance. We're now coming up against that period. It was assumed that it wouldn't be have to done before the IPO, but it now appears that IPO deadline is slipping, which doesn't really surprise anybody.”

Chris Weafer

“Grunt work, hard labor - that's what we're looking for. We can put our guys to work. We want it to be challenging.”

Chris Boden

“I don't think that we'll get the $500 million, but I believe we'll do something. We're looking at a possible 10-year retro-activity that would cost us around $100 million including state employees as well.”

Sen. Ulysses Currie

?The industry has been looking to see who's going to go first. If this happens, you can expect Merrill and Morgan Stanley to do something similar.?

Ben Phillips

“Right now, we're still looking. We've gotta find out real soon because the real season's about to start. We've got to get ready.”

Clinton Solomon

“It is a good bit above what the Street was looking for. They raised their fundamental outlook.”

David Katz

“People may lie to you over the phone, but they may not lie to you looking at you face to face.”

Darrell Smith

“[Have backup for your important financial documents.] If you live in an area like New Orleans and you're looking at that level of disaster where your house is not only destroyed but you are going to have to sustain yourself on whatever you can carry, I don't think documents are something you're going to try and carry, ... I can't imagine suggesting that in such a situation, when you might not have enough food or water, that people grab a box.”

Arthur Stein

“We have just tinkered and added to it as we have gone along. And we are still looking to improve the squad all the time,”

Paul Simpson

“I'm looking for someone who is going to be open to the public. It's got to be black and white with us. That seems to be something that a lot of politicians just don't understand. Mayor Munson, quite honestly, could have been more open.”

Mark Mulder