Looks Related Quotes

“We saw a lot of different looks out there. We've always been a team that's capable of adjusting to different things and we've always been able to adjust on the fly. We didn't adjust quite fast enough today. That's why they're the champs and until somebody takes it away from them, they're still the champs.”

Alge Crumpler

“That was a fantastic catch. And to someone that's as terrifically slow as I am, it looks even faster.”

Curt Schilling

Now to me, Edith looks like something that would eat her young.

Dorothy Parker

“Truthfully, what it looks like to the dispatcher is not all that different. The immediate thing is to be Phase II wireless compliant, and that has nothing to do with the IP part of it.”

Connie Johnson

“She can't hide and expect this to go away. It looks like her campaign is circling the wagons.”

David Johnson

“Air pressure looks good. Never know when that nice little buzzer is going to go off.”

Steve Slayton

“He looks very weak. He looks like he's really struggling, and the most noticeable thing is that he's in a wheelchair.”

Vince Morris

“The future looks bright from where I am standing and so as long as we can continue to find these youngsters to compete at the international level then I believe that we will be in a good position as we look ahead.”

Wendell Downswell

“Robert did the scoring the first quarter, all of it, I think. Then we had to get Austin some looks and he was definitely in the flow.”

Chad Cluver