Lose Related Quotes

“We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They're the favorite so we're just going to come out here and play hard and try to get past them.”

Darrell Langford

“He's a great competitor. He hates to lose, just like me.”

Carl Krauser

“It's a lot easier to lose the points than it is to gain the points. This Busch Series is tough and there will be somebody who will make a run at me sooner or later.”

Kevin Harvick

“That's no way to lose that game. It's tough. They made big shots at big times. I give them credit.”

Dave Mislan

“We found out what it is like to dominate most of a match, yet still lose 1-0. We feel great about our play, but the guys are pretty frustrated.”

Mark Boucher

“It's the biggest two weeks of the year. If we lose the first (week) it's possible to make it up. If we lose the second one, there is no way we can recover. Three or four bad days and everything you have gained in revenue is gone.”

Carly Carmichael

“That's just the way this group is - always coming back, fighting back. No one wants to lose.”

Corbin Donaldson

The World Cup is a very complicated tournament - six games, seven if you make it to the final - and maybe if you lose one game you're out, even if you're the best.


“Deviate an inch, lose a thousand miles”

Chinese Proverbs

“You will never lose a battle if you know your own situation as well as that of the enemy.”

Vikrant Parsai