Lost Related Quotes

Some things were better lost than found.

Stephen King

“I think she left a legacy in setting a tone for the First Amendment, ... We've lost a great one.”

Anthony Williams

“Just remember - when you think all is lost, the future remains”

Dr. Robert H. Goddard

“We lost to a team who was really composed, really executed their plan well, and we weren't sharp like I expected we would be.”

Mirek Porosa

“Assured that LIFE in shape is round, ball-like as it procures its sound, went lost, but then was found, with ever knowledge that 'tis bound, which weighs beyond expected pound.”

Ytham Reijan Roselittle Coogeil

“we will get to the truth. That’s what we’re all asking for. We lost, probably yes, but we still need to band together.”

Corazon Aquino

“We lost outdoor by a point last year, but scored more points than we were supposed to. The team performed very, very well. It just wasn't enough.”

Deb Vercauteren

“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something”


“I've been aghast about how rapidly they've lost trading volume.”

James Cox

“We lost the lead in the third quarter, so we started to run more set plays and controlled the ball and the clock. Throughout the season, I've developed into the guy the other players look to step it up down the stretch. I just wanted to make my shots so we can stay on to stop of league.”

Dane Burkland