Low Related Quotes

“The teams that finished at the low end of the totem pole, they'll get the impact players. If you're picking where we are, they're going to be gone.”

Wally Buono

“We believe that this latest round of price cuts may be indicative of pricing pressure Oracle is experiencing from low-cost database alternatives such as Microsoft's newly released SQL Server 2005 and open-source offerings.”

Robert Stimson

It's nice to have some anonymity and still be low key.

Melanie Fiona

“It sets the bar low for what's considered an emergency.”

Michael Hamilton

If you were music, I would listen to you ceaselessly, and my low spirits would brighten up.

Anna Akhmatova

“Last Sunday, we were the lowest of the low. But this all makes up for it. We're at the highest of the high, and it feels great.”

Kiril Wachsmann

“Research shows that when a low-income family moves into a new home, the kids' grades go up.”

Carroll Klein

Sometimes, low-level jobs are challenging even to someone with CEO potential.

Marty Nemko

Poor people put a low value on themselves and their efforts.

Daymond John

“So long as there are no more major skeletons to come out, we may have reached a low point. The recovery will be stuttering but the market will regain its composure.”

Peter Cogliatti