Lying Related Quotes

We were racing at circuits where there were no crash barriers in front of the pits, and fuel was lying about in churns in the pit lane. A car could easily crash into the pits at any time. It was ridiculous.

Jackie Stewart

People say writing is really hard. That's very unfair to those who are doing real jobs. People who work in the fields or fix roofs, engineers, or car mechanics. I think lying on your back working under an oily car, that's a job.

Paul Theroux

“I still get them. That's what's good about having a bad memory. Instead of lying, I just tell you that I don't remember, ... All I know is that I'm here, I made it though another training camp and I'm ready to go.”

Wayne Chrebet

“Some were lying down for a nap. They were too tired after working for at least six hours. We felt the building shake, and those of us who were on the rooftop jumped onto the roof of the next building. We then watched it collapse.”

Jane Wanji

“If somebody's telling you they don't hear the crowd they're lying or else they're some kind of monk who studied how to block everything out. You have to feel it. No sense in ignoring it. You're a part of it. You're on the ice. You're playing. It's just how you use it.”

Ryan Miller

“I do myself a greater injury in lying than I do him of whom I tell a lie.”

Michel De Montaigne

“I don't care if you say it's not true, i know that deep down or maybe even on the surface of your heart, you know it's true and that you want to admit that. Don't be afraid, I'll be mad but, our friendship is what matters most.”

Emily Grace

“I won't say what I paid, but these go everywhere from $500 for something that's been lying in a farmer's field for 20 years and might have some usable parts up to $100,000.”

Sherwood Moore

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you”

Friedrich Nietzsche

The history of our race, and each individual’s experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.

Mark Twain