Maintaining Related Quotes

“We had the fillip of the Dow maintaining its 100 point gain on Friday, a good performance in the Asia and M&A; talk coming through, there's a lot of money floating around and you get the feeling the inexorable rise to 6,000 is upon us.”

Will Armitage

“It's a different way of maintaining data, but I think it's a lot easier to see data visually.”

Kay Anderson

“We wanted to show that the gum is a quick and safe method of maintaining or improving alertness and physical and mental performance, and our tests did that.”

Dr. Gary Kamimori

“This penalty should remind others that we are maintaining a close watch over chemical reporting practices and are serious about enforcing community right-to-know laws.”

Enrique Manzanilla

“We are maintaining our 'in-line' rating on the stock, but our key message to investors would be not to panic given that the bookings number was not bad and should provide increased support to revenue estimates in 2006.”

Sarah Friar

“A miserable person says, " Let's be positive today!"... It's reassuring themselves that things won't get worse. A truly positive person is not thinking only of maintaining his/her positivity. They are far too busy existing in the ups and downs of everyday life, positively.”


“While the e-VAT and the impeachment issue have both been resolved favorably in recent days, we are maintaining our negative outlook on the Philippines' ratings.”

James Mccormack

“It's spectacular. They've done an incredible job of maintaining the historic fabric and restoring it.”

David Bahlman

“This year has demonstrated the importance of maintaining a healthy savings account to deal with unexpected costs.”

Richard Kehoe

“The options are is still wide open, including maintaining the current tariffs.”

Purnomo Yusgiantoro