Maintaining Related Quotes

“The high cost of maintaining term deposits has informed the movement to current and savings accounts.”

James Macharia

“This penalty should remind others that we are maintaining a close watch over chemical reporting practices and are serious about enforcing community right-to-know laws.”

Enrique Manzanilla

“If you do your economic studies properly and count the cost of building and maintaining highways, as well as the cost of gasoline, then the cost of travel by light rail is not only merely competitive; it is actually less than what people normally look at.”

Ron Goforth

“Part of the price of maintaining community schools is that you don't have the richness or breadth of curriculum that other places may have.”

Wayne Worner

“Demand in the first quarter continued to be strong across all three regions, maintaining the momentum of the fourth quarter.”

Patrick Lo

“Maintaining the current efficient production rate of 15 per year will allow Boeing ( BA ) to continue these same economics.”

Dave Bowman

“The challenge that we face is maintaining the quality of Florida's teaching force while increasing the quantity. This is a huge challenge.”

Cheri Yecke

“The landlord owns the property and ought to be maintaining it in such a way that it is not depreciating in value. If it needs painted it ought to be painted. If trees need to be trimmed, they are trimmed.”

Donald Smith

“We continue to believe that Microsoft is a fiscal-year 2007 story and hence are maintaining our 'Buy' recommendation and our $32 target price.”

Peter Misek

“Lenders have less of a vested interest in maintaining higher credit standards because they bundle [the loans] and sell them off.”

David Joy