Maintenance Related Quotes

“This Vegas 6 update is more than just a maintenance release and brings new functionality to the Vegas application. The free update for registered users provides a tremendous improvement to the AVC support, and anyone looking to edit or deliver content in the AVC format will find this update to be invaluable.”

Dave Chaimson

“That is an estimate consisting of improvements and maintenance.”

Dan Kapanke

“Sticking to a few fleet types also helps airlines lower operating costs in terms of maintenance, repairs and personnel training.”

Liu Weimin

“That project's moving to the operational and maintenance category and away from the development stage. I expect that will cause a drop in required dollars come next year, with [the Office of Systems Development] moving up in terms of project spending.”

Chris Campbell

“Operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems have essentially been abandoned.”

Charles Collins

“Last November, an engine was removed from another airplane (and was) put through some degree of maintenance at Delta. This had to do with an oil leak on the front bearing, which is at the very front end of the engine.”

George Black

“[Appearances] are also important for establishing sneaky pair bonds behind your mate's back. Upkeep and maintenance are just as important as the first impression.”

Rebecca Safran

“People will still watch gasoline because of maintenance and subsequent specification changes.”

Craig Pennington

“It was a maintenance nightmare. You can expend huge amounts of money trying to bring kelp back to an area without doing much good.”

Chuck Mitchell

“The dam isn't the problem, it's the maintenance that's the problem. The state has abandoned this reservoir since maybe 8, going on 9 years now.”

Kim Kalama