Major Related Quotes

“We have several major building projects that remain partially funded as well as [the need to] continue.”

Charles Phlegar

“Basically what the rule is, if you have to update them or do major repairs on something or upgrade them, then you have to make them ADA accessible,”

Craig Morrison

“Can you work with me on this? I've got some major issues here. I'm not asking for special treatment. I'm really not.”

David Graves

“this is probably going to be a major lawsuit.”

Natasha Lyonne

“This is outrageous that just two months ago, a public offering was done. Major banking institutions simply were asleep at the switch. There was clearly wrongdoing here that neither the accountants nor the underwriters nor the principal owners had any idea of.”

Arthur Levitt

“The board believes this is a major problem and this ordinance is an initial attempt to try to address it. If what is presented today is not a good idea, we want to hear ideas on how it can be improved. If you were sitting where we're sitting, what would you try to do?”

Dennis Wright

“The extra cost is the major reason why the market is slow to react to the campaign.”

Zhang Jun

“I can confidently say these are not major problems. They can be overcome.”

Cardinal Zen

“I'm not aware of any reports of major absences. I haven't heard of any issues with attendance.”

David Jones

“Fishnets aims to make a major impact on improving quality of life for older people across the county - increasing the number of people who can be helped to live at home, while reducing the need for emergency hospital treatment.”

Chris Taylor