Major Related Quotes

“All of our jackets for NASCAR, major league baseball, the NBA, are licensed. We even made a jacket for Muhammad Ali, a limited run, for $7,000 apiece. Ali signed them.”

Craig Gibson

“One of the major advantages of using an anaerobic technique is it lets you remove MTBE at the source, before it has a chance to spread.”

Derek Lovley

“Thermal management is a major challenge to increasing a laser's power.”

Yulin Wang

“We're hoping that next year when they choose their major and minors, they'll choose the sciences.”

Kee Koch

“In the future we need to make an effort to more clearly define major illness insurance, the types of illnesses and remedies that are covered. This is something the entire industry needs to do.”

Wang Zhichao

“It's a major step forward but it's certainly no where near all what they have to accomplish to turn North America around.”

David Healy

“There's a convergence between three major sectors: personal computing, consumer electronics and cell phones.”

Stephen Wood

“The doctor said it's probably not something major. At least I can walk on it a little bit, so that's a good thing.”

Michel Ouellet

“[Just last week, at an H&M;/Interview party for his film] Romeo and Juliet, ... It's going to be major. It's just the hottest Madonna song.”

David Lachapelle

“Young people often follow their 4-H interests into a major and onto a career. We're looking for examples like that.”

Chris Gleason