Major Related Quotes

“The market focus is surely on the interest-rate differentials between the U.S. and other major economies, including Japan. The Bank of Japan won't raise its interest rate any time soon, so the yen will remain the most bearish for the foreseeable future, while the dollar will be the most bullish.”

Yuji Saito

“Next year is going to be an entirely different case. The average salary for a major-league shortstop is not $1.35 million. Why should I play for that?”

Royce Clayton

“We've worked closely with a major junior team since the halfway mark of the season to tune the system and improve the usability.”

Michael Brown

“We're shooting for major league game activity later this month.”

Lonnie Soloff

“This is obviously a major burden on an organization even as large as CTG, ... But this one deserves to be on our stage.”

Michael Ritchie

“I continually am confronted by Christians, even active members of major churches, who have never heard this taught in their local congregations. We have a lowest-common-denominator Christianity being taught in so many denominations that has produced a people who simply do not know some of the most basic Christian truths.”

Al Mohler

“That's very compelling to major groups, the fact that we can entertain groups on site without them having to go over the city. Groups like our meeting space because there's not a lot to divert their attention. We're not across from a major mall where they can get out to avoid attending meetings.”

Kristen Jarnagin

“(It's) many major changes that all culminate with the fact that the facility is now lighted. So Friday night, we'll be running some things under the lights.”

Dave Blank

“I was an English and history major, and I was in a class that culminated in a play at the end of the semester for Father's Weekend-we had a thing at our college called Father's Weekend where we all paid tribute to our fathers.”

Catherine Keener

“One of the major concerns we have about the AIDS epidemic is that increasingly it is affecting communities that tend to be left out of the health care and public health system, ... We know that in order to be successful we have to find a new way to reach these communities.”

David Satcher