Majority Related Quotes

“Super-majority requirements mean shareholders can't change company practices and makes it difficult to hold a company accountable.”

Clark Mckinley

For the majority of Americans, collectivist or nationalized economy is morally wrong and therefore unjust. For them, free enterprise meets their keen sense of justice.

Ndabaningi Sithole

“National anthems are symbols of a culture and symbols of what the majority of the country believes in.”

Sergio Bendixen

“While we have been comforted by the actions of the great majority of federal agencies, unfortunately with just 63 days remaining before the Jan. 1, 2000, deadline, there still remains some concern about certain agencies - especially with regard to their contingency and Day One plans, ... To be fully prepared for Y2K, every organization must ensure that their Day One strategies are ready and that practical contingency plans are in place.”

Connie Morella

Look, all this is about is utilizing the rules of the Senate, using a majority of the senators, to make sure that we get health reform done. We cannot wait another day.

Barbara Boxer

I think good-looking naked ladies turn on the majority of men.

Steve Albini

And that which yesterday was the novel opinion of one man, to-day becomes the general opinion of the majority.

Leo Tolstoy

The vast majority of the CGI budget is labor.

Peter Jackson

The dependency on the dole, formerly limited in pre-Clinton days to 14 million women and children on AFDC, will now grow to a clear majority of the U.S. population.

Dick Morris

The funny thing is, people's perceptions of what a song is about is usually wrong a majority of the time. But they're still going to read what they want to into it.

Vince Gill