Management Related Quotes

“Walgreen did a better job than expected in expense management, something we had not seen in prior quarters.”

Eric Bosshard

“With six consecutive quarterly earnings misses and a 2006 forecast to be a transition year, management has much to prove.”

David Hartley

“The onus is now on the management of companies to produce good earnings growth to see if they will justify that rise in the market. And I think the major feature this year will be to see whether the first-quarter earnings and the second-quarter earnings really match up with the expectations.”

Angus Blair

“Without trying to cast aspersions in any way on past management companies, I do think the Boykin people have done a very good job,”

David Petersen

“That's management's responsibility. It shouldn't take this to get a management change.”

Commissioner Nancy Robinson

“This study demonstrates an opportunity for ED staff to guide patients with potentially life-threatening allergies toward better allergy management.”

Carlos Camargo

“This is a new direction in wealth management.”

Mark Wilson

Management must take the lead in making obsolete its own products and services rather than waiting for a competitor to do so.

Peter Drucker

“They essentially lined up a really excellent group of heavy hitters to bolster their existing management.”

Andrew Collins

“As the biologist, the best management would be conservative, permit-only hunting. That's not the way the public wants it. They want to maintain a general season.”

Eric Holman