Manager Related Quotes

I could imagine God saying to a lot of us, "Hey, I'm God, and you're not. You're not the general manager of the universe." And the greatest stress reliever is take God seriously, but don't take yourself seriously

Rick Warren

The increase of this efficiency is essentially the problem of the manager, and the amount to which it can be increased by proper study is, in most cases, so great as to be almost incredible.

Henry Gantt

“We are going to find out who is a good manager. Everyone is a good deer manager in wet years.”

Clayton Wolf

If I go into a season and I say, 'For f***'s sake, if we don't win anything, they will all leave,' I have already lost. The problem of the media is always to imagine the worst. The problem of the manager is always to imagine the best.

Arsene Wenger

It's not good if owners of sports teams are talking to sports journalists, bypassing the manager. That goes in the wrong direction wherever it happens. Therefore, I'll refrain from doing this at all.

Hasso Plattner

To be the England manager you must win every game, not do anything in your private life and hopefully not earn too much money!

Sven-goran Eriksson

We had gone out on the road in 94 and 95 for a three month American tour, and we realised, as did our manager and booking agent at the time, that we have really exhausted it, and we can't make money at this anymore.

Steve Brown

Every manager dreams of a job like this [the England job] and I will be sure to learn English within one month.

Fabio Capello

“[Still, there are exceptions. Such as ESPN's Steve Phillips, perhaps the only general manager who used that behind-the-scenes job as a springboard to a prominent national TV perch.] I had concerns about transitioning into this career, ... I figured the first time a sexy name like (players) Mike Piazza and Al Leiter comes out, I'm the first one out the door.”

Steve Phillips

“I know they were looking for someone to be more of a GM [general manager], someone who would take the CFO position, move to the GM spot and eventually take over for Gerstner. Maine doesn't appear to be that type of person.”

Gary Helmig