Manpower Related Quotes

“We just don't have enough manpower to restore all of the signs that have been damaged.”

Carrie Adams

“Everybody jumps out and does their thing. It's better now we have more manpower. ... We sure do appreciate it.”

Walter Allen

“Since it uses laser navigation, there is no impediment in the floor. And because it's an automatic move, no manpower is required.”

Anthony Goff

“We're currently evaluating what would be involved from a manpower and an equipment perspective.”

Dan Blankenship

“We're definitely not being pushed or thrown out of this one. We're moving out because it takes more manpower resources than it's worth for our share of production, which is so small. We want to put (employees) on bigger projects.”

Kai Nielsen

“Despite the lack of manpower on the job, they feel that they've made some significant efforts in terms of working overtime and weekends to recover the schedule.”

David Hardy

“To deal with the problem, it takes manpower and constraints on the production track.”

Davitt Mcateer

“I don't have the manpower to go out and check to see if people are smoking. We had to cut down on labor as it is because of the loss of business.”

Carol Lewis

“We have sent extra manpower. We don't agree with what is going on and we are basically working to come up with some kind of solution to open the highway.”

Ron Gosselin

“City taxpayers and downtown office workers are incensed when told of free parking for Manpower executives. The city leaders who thought this TIF up are out-of-touch with their constituents.”

Craig Peterson