March Related Quotes

“All of them married within six months, one in December, then March and one in June.”

Geneva Wise

“If the rains expected in March do not come we could have a serious problem.”

Connie Maina

“A strong CPI figure could be the market's deciding factor for a rate rise in March.”

Mitsuru Sahara

“We remember what happened in March 2004, ... There is no place for that in U.N.-sponsored negotiations.”

Nicholas Burns

“Turkey has taken a giant step forward on its historic march.”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“The military can't prepare their soldiers for what these men went through. This was a death march, but so many of our men survived. But when they made it through the horrors of that horrible march, they were placed in death camps.”

Chuck Thomas

“The March 2006 unemployment rate of 6 percent was the lowest rate recorded for Kentucky in 10 months. Compared to other states, Kentucky was one of 16 states plus the District of Columbia that reported an unemployment rate above the U.S. jobless rate in March 2006.”

Carlos Cracraft

“I think Bush is a murderer. ... I'm going to head the march against him stepping foot on Argentine soil.”

Diego Maradona

“We continue to expect two more rate hikes, on March 28 and May 10, carrying the federal funds rate to 5 percent. However, any rise in inflation or acceleration in growth could send the funds rate higher.”

David Wyss

“This is somewhat lower than a typical March quarter.”

Wim Roelandts