March Related Quotes

“It's not unusual to see significant snowfall in March.”

David Arnold

“We had 36 calls on the hot line between November and March.”

Rick Ernst

“I have concerns about all of them, I would say, because we're in the middle of March and the season finishes for them at the beginning of May.”

Sven Goran Eriksson

“We forecast technology as a whole for 11 percent growth as of Jan. 2. As of March 20, it's at minus 7 percent.”

Chuck Hill

“This is hard on Mr. March. It's hard enough facing charges from a secret meeting being brought against him. It's very hard facing those charges when you're also watching your children being taken away from you.”

William Massey

“The test can be given between March 1 and the 28. The only one date that is required is the direct assessment of writing on March 7. Every student in Connecticut must have the direct assessment of writing within that window.”

Anne Keene

“Recessions usually last about a year. That would place the end around March or April.”

Sam Burns

“Unfortunately, not until we get to the end of March will we have a good handle [on earnings in the first quarter].”

Chuck Hill

“We did what we were asked to do at the meeting in March, which was to go back and re-examine the whole issue from a competitive standpoint with all the statistical analysis,”

Rich Mckay

“We saw softness in apparel and other seasonal merchandise in the latter part of March, ... While higher gas prices pinched tax refund money, consumers have also indicated that they traveled less to shopping centers. The impact from that aspect may not be huge but it was a factor.”

Michael Niemira