Marketing Related Quotes

“The greatest marketing tool there is is victories. I think [the team's merchandise sales] are going to finish strong.”

Eddie White

“It's the business or marketing unit that wants intelligence on the customers. There are still a lot of contact centers that are not integrated with the business unit. It's still considered an expense.”

Elizabeth Herrell

“We're not selling Mars bars, we're trading with people's emotions, ... In marketing speak a football club might be a product, but the reality is it's traditions, heritage and emotions. So you have to listen to what the fans want.”

David Southern

“The NASE was not an independent entity. It was a marketing ruse.”

David Henderson

“Other small producers were happy to meet us, because we've been successful in marketing our products based on taste. Americans used to think beer was beer. Then, small brewers exposed consumers to a variety of styles, and they started to differentiate between flavors.”

Ray Daniels

“Income was largely offset by higher-than-expected sales and marketing expenses associated with the Olympic win.”

Safa Rashtchy

“Having the infrastructure by itself isn't enough. You need a marketing plan and a business model to make this work. You can't just put it out there and expect people to use it, even if it's free.”

Craig Settles

“Will that turns to sales? Maybe, maybe not, but the incentives certainly are going to help the consumer come back.”

Art Spinella

“It's an organization where marketing is leading the agency relationship management rather than purchasing. The CMO is closely aligned with the CEO's objectives.”

Arthur Anderson

“We had 10 girls in black dresses walking around with bow ties on. Guerrilla marketing.”

Dhani Jones